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What is CAD? Part 3! Using More Difficult Tools

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Written By: Brianna Schulstad

For the third article in the CAD series, we will be creating a second drawing using similar tools as the first drawing, with the addition of the arc and fillet tools. Above is a preview of the drawing we will be following. To refresh your memory, feel free to take a look at the first article where all these tools are explained in depth.

For reference, here is the drawing you should try to copy below:

The drawing we will be creating today will be using the tools listed below:

  • Line tool

  • Circle tool

  • Polyline tool

  • Mirror/copy tool

  • Trim tool

New tools:

  • Fillet Tool: Rounds the corners of an object when a specific radius is entered

  • Arc tools: Creates a semi-circle using a radius and a set of points


  1. First, draw the outside frame of the object without the circles or arcs (5inx5in).

  2. Draw the arc on top of the frame. The arc has a radius of 2.5in. Instead of using the arc tool, another alternative is to use the circle and trim tool.

  3. On the bottom two corners, round the edges. Use the fillet tool, insert a radius of 1, and then click on the two corners you want to round.

  4. Next, use the circle tool and create circles with 1 inch radius’ on the midpoints of both sides of the object.

  5. Then, create another circle with a 1 inch radius at the top (midpoint) of the arc.

  6. Lastly, trim all unnecessary lines using the trim and delete tools.

Click the video above for a tutorial on how to complete the drawing!

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