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lukupp SIP 2022

Meet our SIP (Startup Internship Program) interns for the summer of 2022! Partnered with college counseling company Empowerly, lukupp worked to provide internships for five passionate high students. lukupp's Startup Internship Program is designed to give high school students the opportunity to explore careers, develop professional skills, and strengthen their resumes, all while learning about computer science and engineering along the way.

Public Relations/Marketing Internship

 • Creating flyers for social media (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn)
• Create short videos for marketing new features/articles on
• Organizing events by reaching out to other student organizations/nonprofits or speakers for collaboration


Asha Smith

Asha Smith is a high school senior from the Bay Area. She is interested in majoring in EE or CS in college. She is passionate about helping students discover opportunities in the STEM field since she wishes she had been more educated when she was younger. Outside of academics Asha enjoys tennis, running, cooking, and going on hikes.


Sherry Zhao

Sherry Zhao is a junior from Seattle, Washington. She joined lukupp SIP  to explore her interest in the engineering field and educate others about them. Aside from work and academic, she enjoys playing piano, violin, and cooking.

Website Development Internship

 • Helping with updating the website
• Redesigning pages by improving their design
• Implement new helpful features on the lukupp website


Aman Dhillon

Aman Dhillon is a rising senior from the San Francisco Bay Area. She is passionate about anything STEM and has been coding for around 4 years. She wants to help others have access to computer science resources like she did, which is why she decided to join Lukupp! She believes Lukupp's primary goal of spreading knowledge on CS is so important and she is so glad to be a part of this company!

Writing Internship

 • Researching opportunities for program research articles
• Writing newsletters
• Conducting interviews for interviews articles


Anna Lucas

Anna Lucas is a high school senior from Denver, Colorado. She is passionate about mechanical engineering, and aims to major in it when she attends college. She decided to join lukupp to help high school students already fervent about engineering to be able to complete valuable work while still in their teens. Outside of work and school, Anna enjoys figure skating, tinkering in her lab, and playing with her dogs.


Anuj Lall

Anuj Lall is a rising junior from San Jose, California. He joined lukupp because he wanted to help others have the opportunities to learn about engineering that he did not have. Some of his interests include engineering, piano, and working out.

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