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Meet the Executive Team!

lukupp would not be here without its amazing team! Learn more about the students who made lukupp possible.

Sejal Bilwar

Founder of lukupp

Sejal Bilwar is a freshman at UC Berkeley. She was inspired to create lukupp after seeing the gap between high school students and CS/engineering opportunities. Sejal is studying Industrial Engineering and Operations Research and is working to pursue this field as a career in the future. 

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Urvi Bhuwania

Public Relations Manager

Urvi is a senior from the Bay Area. She handles outreach and publicity, along with writing some articles. Urvi has a lot of programming experience such as app development with Swift, algorithms with Java, HTML, Python, & CSS. She believes that lukupp can help students take the next step.

Simardeep Dhanda

Program Research Manager

Simardeep Dhanda, a senior in Brampton, is passionate about computer science and has a strong desire to continue his studies in in front-end development. He believes that computer science has the potential to change the world and is excited to be a part of the rapidly evolving industry.


Saniya Kalamkar 

Article Writing Manager

Saniya Kalamkar is a senior from the Bay Area. She is interested in STEM and is experienced in programming with Python, HTML, and C#.  She strongly believes in helping and educating others and believes that lukupp will achieve that goal.


Meet the Rest of the Team!

Here are the students who are ambassadors or part of the Public Relations, Article Writing, and Program Research Teams!


Virika Podichetty

Article Writing Team Member

Virika is a sophomore from California. She is interested in biology and biomedical engineering. Virika hopes to spread her passion of engineering to students through lukupp by creating content for other students to engage in.

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