Past Events

Take a look at our past events! If you were not able to attend an event, links to the recordings are included. Enjoy!

Tech Majors in College Workshop.png


Tech Majors in College Workshop

Interested in computer science and engineering but unsure how to pursue this path after high school? In lukupp's Tech Majors in College Event, you will get to listen to speakers from top universities around the country including UCLA, UC Davis, and Virginia Tech. We will be covering topics such as activities/classes in high school, how to learn about CS/engineering in high school, tips to find your interest in CS/engineering, specifics about different majors within CS/engineering, and what you should know about the majors/colleges of our speakers.

How to combine cs with other interests event!.png


How to Combine CS with Other Interests Event

Are you interested in multiple subjects including computer science? In lukupp's How to Combine CS With Other Interests Event, you will have the opportunity to listen to speakers who have successfully merged their interest in computer science with a secondary interest to launch a successful career. This virtual event is focused on learning about each speaker's interdisciplinary field in terms of how their interests were developed, how they learned to combine their knowledge of different disciplines, and advice for students who would like to pursue a similar path.