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How to Combine CS With Other Interests Event!

Wednesday, July 27, 2022
 5:00 - 6:00 PM PST


Are you interested in multiple subjects including computer science? In lukupp's How to Combine CS With Other Interests Event, you will have the opportunity to listen to speakers who have successfully merged their interest in computer science with a secondary interest to launch a successful career. This virtual event is focused on learning about each speaker's interdisciplinary field in terms of how their interests were developed, how they learned to combine their knowledge of different disciplines, and advice for students who would like to pursue a similar path.

College Library



Skyler Basco

Computer Science and Design

Skyler Basco is a Content Creator ( from New York who makes YouTube videos on tech, design, career, and memes. She previously interned at Bitly as a Software Engineer and is currently a New Technologist Intern at Microsoft and Cyborg Mobile. She is a rising undergraduate sophomore studying Computer Science and loves exploring the intersections between frontend engineering, product design, and extended reality!


Our free virtual workshops are available to students of all ages and genders. We will send out the meeting information only to participants who registered through the form above. Participants will receive the link one day before the event.

Some other resources we provide include articles on our website on a variety of topics, sending bi-weekly newsletters, having mini-courses on specialized topics, and holding other events and workshops similar to this one.


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