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lukupp has created mini-courses in various topics ranging from CAD to Unity! All these mini-courses are perfect for beginners and are each 3-5 articles long. These are perfect for picking up the basics of a new skill you want to learn. Have fun learning!

Image by Kumpan Electric

Introduction to CAD

Learn the basics of CAD (computer-aided design) from downloading the software, basic tools, and creating drawings! Video tutorials and step-by-step instructions are included.


High School Research

Research is a great way for high school students to explore a variety of STEM fields and develop a passion for a subject. Research opportunities are hard to come by, but we outline how you can secure a research intern position.

Abstract Graphs

Foundations of
Computer Science

Introduction to foundations of computer science! Learn the basics of how a computer works, social issues regarding CS, and potential career paths to available to work with computers.

Game Designer

Introduction to Unity

Unity is used to create 2D and 3D projects such as games and other experiences. This mini-course will explain the basics including GameObjects, interface, and more.

3D Printer Vases

3D Printing

Introduction to 3D Printing! We go through every step of the process from choosing your printer to completing your first print, this mini-course teaches all the basics a beginner needs to know to get started with 3D printing. 

3D Printer

Hardware/FDM Printing

3D printing is a fun hobby to pursue. We walk through the entire process of starting 3D printing from choosing to the correct printer and filament to downloading the software.

Sustainable Energy

Environmental Engineering

Introduction to environmental engineering! Learn why environmental engineers are so important to our society, what the job entails, and how to get started in high school.

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