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Get Involved with lukupp!

Be part of the lukupp initiative by joining our team, becoming an ambassador, submitting your experience, or writing us a testimonial!


Join our team!

Help the lukupp initiative by being part of the Public Relations, Program Research, and Article Writing Teams! Each of these teams are an integral part of this student-initiative and help make all the content lukupp provides possible! Click the button below to find out more.


become an ambassador!

Represent lukupp in your community by becoming an ambassador! Ambassadors increase awareness for lukupp and help cultivate a larger audience. 


submit your experience!

Are you a high school or college student involved with engineering and computer science? Submit your experience in these subjects to get published on the lukupp website! This is a great opportunity to help other students providing advice and sharing your insights on various topics.


Write us a testimonial!

Help out lukupp by filling out a testimonial! We would love to share your experiences with lukupp with other students. Thank you so much for filling out this form!

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