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Join the lukupp Team!

Want to be part of the behind-the-scenes action of lukupp? Do you want to have a leadership position in this student-organization? Join the team! lukupp is looking for volunteers to fill the following positions. Anyone with an interest in computer science / engineering is encouraged to apply!  

Program Research Team

Program Research is vital part of lukupp. Since this website is centered around providing Computer Science / Engineering opportunities to students, the Program Research Team will research various opportunities in these fields. This will include: volunteering positions, internships, scholarships, competitions, mentorships, tutoring, and free resources to learn about these fields. The Program Research Manager must help find opportunities every week and form this into a post that subscribers / members of this website can look at. 

Public Relations Team

Public Relations Team is an important aspect of lukupp. The Public Relations Team is in charge of gaining more traffic to the lukupp website. They will accomplish this by helping create posts to promote the website/articles. They should have some graphic design experience for creating digital flyers to post, but if not websites such as Canva and PictoChart are easy to use as well. Overall, this is a fun and creative job that is essential to this student-organization. 

Article Writing Team

Article Writing Team is in charge of making content for the website, such as writing articles for lukupp. The Article Writing Team will be given a lot of freedom regarding the posts that they write, as long as they are relevant to the website. They will be expected to write posts about topics such as information on pursuing computer science / engineering, interviews, and career advice. This is an exciting and innovative position that anyone can fill!

Ambassadors Program!

If being a part of lukupp's Program Research, Public Relations, or Article Writing Team isn't your cup of tea, don't worry! Although these team positions are fun, easy, and require less time commitment, it is understandable if you want to contribute to the website in other ways. Applications for being part of the Ambassadors Program are open!

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