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Tech Majors in College Event!

Monday, March 22

 3:00 - 4:00 PM


Interested in computer science and engineering but unsure how to pursue this path after high school? In lukupp's Tech Majors in College Event, you will get to listen to speakers from top universities around the country including UC Davis, Virginia Tech, and more. We will be covering topics such as activities/classes in high school, how to learn about CS/engineering in high school, tips to find your interest in CS/engineering, specifics about different majors within CS/engineering, and what you should know about the majors/colleges of our speakers.

College Library



Sanjana Aithal

Computer Science and Tech Management at UC Davis

Sanjana is not the typical CS student, picking up programming only in the 11th grade! However, through extracurricular experiences and clubs she joined in high school, she always knew that she had a passion for technology, business, engineering design, and product. Sanjana is currently pursuing her passion for technology as a Machine Learning Undergraduate Research Assistant at UC Davis with notable collaborators being Apple and Mozilla, as a member of Project RISHI (a student-run nonprofit), and as a Computer Science Instructor at Juni Learning. She hopes to show you how to explore different intersections within Computer Science as well as the novel, exciting paths you can take in technology!


Our free virtual workshops are available to students of all ages and genders. We will send out the meeting information only to participants who registered through the form above. Participants will receive the link one day before the event.

Some other resources we provide include articles on our website on a variety of topics, sending bi-weekly newsletters, having mini-courses on specialized topics, and holding other events and workshops similar to this one.


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