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5 AutoCAD Projects for Beginners!

Written By: Brianna Schulstad

Getting started with AutoCad can be overwhelming since it is a large application that has an unlimited amount of design possibilities. With that being said, easing yourself into the software is key. Here are 5 beginner AutoCad projects to build your skills and confidence!

1. 2D view of a household object

This is how I became proficient in AutoCad. I would go around my house looking for different objects to replicate. I would visualize only one side of the object as if it was flat and replicate it. Some examples of objects you can do this with are chairs, light fixtures, household appliances, and furniture.

2. Floor plan of your bedroom

Measuring your room and then recreating it in CAD is another great way to practice your skills. This helps you build real world skills for if you plan on going into engineering or architecture. Also, if you ever want to redesign your room you can become your own designer!

3. Online templates

Reproducing AutoCad drawings can be a great practice method. There are many free resources that focus on different skills. Here is a file that accommodates beginner and intermediate level drafter for practice:

4. Design abstract objects

Using no template or visualization, draw an abstract object utilizing many different tools. This leaves you to be creative and resourceful which results in trying out different tools in different ways.

5. Simple 3D objects

Once you get comfortable with the basics of 2D Cad, 3D Cad is another amazing skill to have under your belt. Recreating simple rectangular objects such as a table, phone, or countertop can help build on these 3D drafting skills.

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