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What is CAD (Part 2)? Basics of CAD

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Written By: Brianna Schulstad

For this second article in the CAD mini series, we will be putting the tools we learned last article to use. For reference, "What is CAD (Part 1)?" is linked here. If you are new to CAD, we strongly recommend you reference the article as we go through our drawing.

The first drawing utilizes the line tool, circle tool, trim tool, mirror tool, and copy tool. For reference, you should copy this drawing below:

1. Using the line tool and dimensions given, draw the outside frame of the object. Do not draw the circles yet.

2. Once the frame is built with straight lines, draw in one circle using the circle tool. Make sure to enter the correct radius/diameter. The circle should be centered in the middle of that line at 3 inches. The midpoint of a line is denoted with a triangle in object snaps.

3. After one circle is drawn, draw a reference line in the middle of the top and bottom lines. Again, use the triangle object snaps to find the midpoint (see video).

4. Once that line is drawn, select the mirror tool and copy the circle over that line you just created. After the second circle is created, delete the line you used to mirror the original circle.

5. Lastly, trim the line that is remaining using the trim tool.

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