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5 Best Programming Languages for 2023

Written By: Saniya Kalamkar

Learning some programming languages can be key to gaining useful internships and other programs. More than that though, learning a language is a good way to find out if you really want to pursue the huge field of programming. In fact, learning languages is just helpful in the engineering field, regardless if you become a computer programmer. There are simply no downsides to learning languages.

However, it is important to be mindful of what languages to learn. Some languages are unnecessary and are increasingly not being used. Below is a list of the five best programming languages to learn in 2020.

1. Python

Python is widely believed to be the best language to start out with. Python is a relatively easy language to learn and is being used more and more in the corporate world. Python also has packages like NumPy and SciPy that are useful in computer science, engineering, and math. Python libraries, like TensorFlow, are commonly used to build programs in data science and machine learning.

2. Javascript

Javascript, which is the most widely used language, is incredibly popular. Javascript, too is a comparatively easy language to learn, and is essential for web development. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, among others, rely on Javascript for web pages and content.

3. Swift

Swift, which was introduced by Apple in 2014, is a pretty new language and is essential for mobile app development. It is used to develop i0S macOS applications and are the most profitable mobile applications. iOS, which runs in every i-phone, i-pad, i-watch, and even in every Apple TVs.

4. Go

Go is one of the core languages used by Google. Go, which is a fairly easy language, has much of the same functionality as C and C++, but without the difficult syntax. Go is often used by engineers in the system programming field. It is used to build web servers, data pipelines, and machine learning packages.

5. C#

C# (pronounced C Sharp), was designed by Microsoft to build its Windows applications. C#, like C++, is built on the foundations of C, so it uses a very similar syntax to other C derived languages, so it is easy to learn. C# is essential to Mirosoft app development and is used for VR development. The Game engine Unity, which produces ⅔ of all online games, uses C#.

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