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What is Game Development?

Written By: Syon Bilwar

Whether you played games on your console, phone, or laptop, the people who created them all are game designers. Game development is the field of developing and designing games. It’s the process of creating a video game. Game designers have to come with concepts to build entertaining, stable games, and update them to make them even more engaging.

Aside from programming, there are other jobs available in the game development sector. Other positions include marketing manager, graphic designer, and music producer. Marketing managers use social media posts to entice new players to join the game. Graphic designers create the interface. A video game music producer makes the music in video games. All of these jobs collaborate with programmers to create the games you enjoy.

Creating these games from scratch can be quite the challenge for most designers. This is why most game developers use game engines. Software called game engines help create video games. Game engines not only help accelerate the process of creating video games but also make it more smooth. It’s also easier for developers because gaming engines simplify the coding for many programming languages. Unity and Unreal Engine are well known gaming engines. Many sizable gaming companies often use their own engines specifically designed for their own games. 

However, game makers are not limited to creating only one style of game. There are instructional games available, as well as gaming assistive technology. Educational games are beneficial because they allow kids to study in a fun and engaging environment. Nearpod and Kahoot are two educational games. Meanwhile, assistive gaming technology allows those with disabilities to play games. Microsoft, for example, has developed an XBOX gaming controller that can be tailored to a player's specific requirements.

Game development is a unique and growing field. By 2030, the video game industry will grow by 12.9%. If you have a passion for video games and computing then this field might be for you!


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