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Choosing Your 3D Printer! Part 2!

Written By: Anna Lucas

Welcome to 3D printing! 3D printing is an amazing hobby to get into. However, there is a lot to learn, many choices to make, and a lot that can go wrong with your prints. So, here is an all encompassing guide on how to get started with 3D printing, and learn the basics so that you can get to printing whatever prints you can imagine!

The first choice you need to make in your 3D printing journey is what printer you are going to use. There are thousands of different printers out there, with so many different abilities. Whatever your needs are for your printer, there is a printer out there that can provide it for you. But, for the sake of keeping this list within a manageable length, we will only be listing the printers within a reasonable price range, by only listing printers at or below $300.

1. Creality Ender 3

The Creality Ender 3 and Ender 3 Pro are almost the exact same 3D printer, however I believe that the minor upgrades provided in the Ender 3 Pro are not worth the extra $20 you pay for them, so I will just be recommending the Ender 3. This printer is a great choice for someone who wants a reliable 3D printer, without breaking the bank. This printer has the capability to print anything at or below 500 mm, which is an impressive height taking into account the size of the printer itself. This printer will run you about $189.00.


  • Low price

  • High capability


  • Does not come assembled, must be assembled yourself

  • Will not print in temperatures below 50 degrees

  • Loud

2. Flashforge Dreamer NX

The Flashforge Dreamer NX is another great printer for beginners or seasoned professionals. This is a high precision printer, and thus is very reliable and prints are less likely to fail. The printer also comes with an enclosure, which makes it much sleeker and quieter. This printer also comes pre-assembled, meaning there are no confusing directions or lengthy assemblies to worry about. Because of its enclosure, however, the height of your prints are limited and so this does give this specific printer a disadvantage. This printer will run you about $299.00.


  • Comes pre-assembled

  • Better precision

  • Less likely to fail prints


  • More expensive than other printers

  • Enclosure height limits prints

3. Voxelab Aquila C2

The Voxelab Aquila C2 is similar to the Ender 3 Pro in its looks and abilities. However, this is more of a beginners printer that you move on from as you improve your skill, and so while it’s easier to learn on than the Ender 3 or the Flashforge Dreamer, you’ll eventually need to graduate onto a more advanced printer. This printer is also only about half the size of the Ender 3, and still smaller than the Flashforge, and so your prints are limited to about 250 mm. This printer also doesn’t come assembled, so you will need to do that yourself. This printer will run you about $179.00.


  • Great for beginners


  • Very small

  • Doesn’t come assembled

  • Won’t be able to facilitate for advanced prints

4. Anycubic Photon Mono 4K

The Anycubic Photon Mono 4K is a great printer for those more advanced in 3D printing, however it is maybe a little too advanced for those with no 3D printing experience at all. It is a great printer with high capabilities. It comes with an enclosure and prints very fast compared to other printers. The height is also quite impressive at a height of 15.1 inches. This printer also comes pre-assembled, making it more attractive for those who hate the assembly process. However, the printer is quite advanced, and so I would not recommend this printer for those with little to no experience in printing. This printer will run you about $194.00.


  • Fast printing

  • Comes pre-assembled

  • Includes an inclosure


  • Advanced printer

  • Expensive

5. Haosegd K1 Mini

The Haosegd K1 Mini is a printer ideal for beginners. This printer is very small, only 100mm tall. Because of this, it has the capability to print very small very small prints. The printer does not come pre-assembled, and according to reviews can be a hassle to put together. This printer is a very good choice to beginners however, as it is very simple and a great way to get experience before moving onto more advanced printers. This printer isn’t very reliable however, and the prints have a tendency to fail. This printer will run you about $90.99.


  • Great for beginners

  • Affordable

  • Quiet


  • Not very reliable

  • Small printer

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