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5 Free Online Courses to Learn Angular!

Written By: Trisha Konkimalla

Angular is an HTML and TypeScript-based platform and framework for developing single-page client applications. TypeScript is used to construct Angular. It's a compilation of TypeScript libraries that you import into your apps to incorporate core and optional features. The following article provides the best free courses to learn Angular!

This course will teach you how to install Angular 5 and its extensions, as well as HTML and CSS Templating and Styling, Property and Event Binding, Animation, Services, Router, and Angular JS App Deployment.

This course will create a web application using these two technologies. The application you're going to create will not be a basic Hello World app. You will create an End-to-End Database Application that will execute all CRUD operations, such as create, read, update, and delete.

This course will teach you the fundamentals of Angular 2. You'll learn how to use it by creating ng2-cribs, a real estate listing program that allows users to browse, find, and sort listings, as well as add new ones. After completing this class, you will have a clear understanding of how to develop an Angular 2+ app from the ground up, as well as a solid foundation on which to build your Angular mastery.

Components, Templates, Data Binding and Directives, Services and Dependency Injection, HTTP and Observables, Navigation and Routing are all included in this course. You'll learn how to set up your environment, as well as the differences between modules, models, and data linking.Following that, you'll learn how to create clean components using strongly typed code, as well as how to create nested components and use dependency injection to insert the services you create. After that, you will go over how to use HTTP to download data, navigation, and routing, as well as go over the Angular configuration phase again.

Angular Fundamentals, a free Coursera tutorial on the Angular Javascript platform, will teach you the fundamentals of designing applications in an Angular framework. This course will teach you how to build an Angular program using Typescript. You'll learn how to use Angular Components to bootstrap an application and create pages and reusable items.

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