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5 Free Courses to Learn Data Structures and Algorithms!

Written By: Trisha Konkimalla

This is a free, online training course on algorithms and data structures aimed at teaching simple data structures in computer programming. The data structures taught in the course use the C programming language to include Stack, Queue, and Linked List. The key aim is to allow students and software engineers to visualize how various data structures work.

Another excellent course for understanding data structures and algorithms is this one. By using their ten day free trial, you will obtain it for free! You can learn important data structures in this first chapter, such as linked lists, stacks, queues, binary trees, and hash tables. In addition, you can learn about key data structures and algorithms used in regular applications and appreciate the trade-offs associated with selecting each data structure along with algorithms for traversal, retrieval, and update. You can study algorithms such as sorting, string matching, sets, AVL trees, and competition problems in the second part. You can also discover some complex data structures and algorithms used in the development of software.

Another course from Udemy! This is also an amazing course for studying this subject, as it is an online introductory course on data structures, algorithms, and complexity analyses. It will teach you how to use Java to plan, execute, and evaluate simple data structures. The best aspect of this course is the number of realistic scenarios that rely on intuition instead of formulas and mathematical proofs.

In this course, you will learn essential data structures like linked lists, stacks, queues, binary trees, and hash tables, and searching and sorting algorithms like binary search, quicksort, mergesort, insertion sort, and more.

In the second part of the course, you will learn about the graph, and string, processing algorithms. You will also learn some advanced data structures and algorithms used in application development.

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