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5 CS/Engineering Leadership Positions, Part 3!

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Written By: Sejal Bilwar

Here are 5 Computer Science/Engineering Leadership Positions, Part 3 (with a bonus opportunity included)! These are all volunteer positions for students like you! Some benefits to these positions include content for college applications or a resume, volunteer hours, leadership experience, and more. Links to apply are included!

lukupp: After observing how students struggled to find relevant opportunities and information concerning the computer science and engineering fields, lukupp was created to help out students who are looking for career guidance and other additional information. lukupp strives to give students the access to the resources they need in the most convenient way possible. We are currently looking for people to join our initiative by joining our team, becoming an ambassador, or submitting your experience!

Procastinote: If you have a passion for technology and/or taking notes, this opportunity might be for you! (This could also apply to you if you’re looking for a way to earn virtual service hours). ProcrastiNote is an online platform dedicated to providing free notes, resources, and more geared towards high school students like yourselves.

They are currently looking for someone with experience in web development OR with general programming knowledge who is willing to develop a custom website for their organization. This is an opportunity to showcase your skills as well as earn service hours while contributing to their mission.

Instagram: @procastinote_official

Simply Gen Z: Simply Gen Z is all about teens giving their piece of mind on ongoing issues, and they are blogging all of this to get rid of the notion that teens misuse digital platforms. For GenZ by GenZ was created to be innovative, influential and to create a tangible difference in society. They are currently looking for team members to fill positions from illustrators to graphic designers to website managers! Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Apply here + more information:

More info:


STEM Without Boundaries: STEM Without Boundaries is recruiting! Applications to join the leadership team are now open and will be due on 12.04.2020. Since 2019, their team of 40 high school & college students & adults have reached over 200,000 students from 37 states & 30 countries.

More information:

STEM & Gems: Are you a high schooler interested in STEM and volunteering? If so, join STEM & Gems, a program that teaches elementary school girls STEM related activities to close the gender gap! Sign up as a mentor to teach these young girls through zoom!

Apply here:

SheCanSTEM: In late January, [tentative date Jan 29-31, 2021], SheCanSTEM will be hosting a virtual, all-female and non-binary hackathon. Currently, they are looking for girls from all around the world to join our team! The application deadline is December 11th at midnight EST. They will be accepting on a rolling basis, so apply early to increase your acceptance chances!


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