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5 CS/Engineering Internships and Remote Positions!

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Written By: Sejal Bilwar

5 CS/Engineering Internships and Remote Positions! Internships are a great opportunity for students exposure in the field they want pursue, and in this case, computer science and engineering! Internships can help students get an edge over other applicants when applying for college and gain experience at the same time. Here are 5 opportunities curated for you!

Titan Acacia Internship: Titan Acacia is an organization where they use the power of AI (artificial intelligence) to help improve access and affordability in all aspects of life. Currently, Titan Acacia is looking for Web Developer Interns and UX Designer Interns. These are remote positions, so anyone anywhere is encouraged to apply!

Ripple Match Internship: Ripple Match is offering a Leadership Development Internship! Believe it or not this internship is a paid internship to help get more students signed up on Ripple Match. This internship offers a unique experience in a start-up company, is a remote position, and is an opportunity to join a national network of student leaders.

AI Code-In Mentorship: AI Code-In is offering an amazing mentorship to help empower students to develop AI (artificial intelligence) skills and helps to provide students a platform to connect with mentors to help teach these concepts. This non-profit helps strengthen literacy in artificial intelligence with students all around the world.

ACE Mentorship Program: ACE is giving students the opportunity to participate in their ACE Mentorship program! ACE helps teach students about design and engineering concepts and is led by mentors who are industry professionals. This is a great opportunity to learn about different careers and connect with different students as well.

STEM Power Tutor: STEM Power is always searching for volunteers who are interested in tutoring students. STEM Power is a nonprofit that provides academic resources and support to students to enhance their knowledge and experience in STEM. STEM Power tutors in a vast majority of subjects, including computer science.

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