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What are the Different Subjects Within Computer Science?

What are the different subjects within the computer science field? Computer science is an incredibly wide and diverse subject since it is such a versatile field of study. Below is a brief overview of some of the most major topics within computer science:

Artificial Intelligence - Artificial intelligence such a new and popular subject within computer science. AI includes topics such as autonomous cars, simulating human emotions, computer vision, and other intelligent systems.

Software Engineering - Software engineering is a good option for a career within computer science and is a job that is currently experiencing a lot of growth (expected to see a 30% growth in the next decade). The main part of software engineering is developing and maintain software systems of today's companies such as innovating new software.

Computer Engineering - Computer engineering is a field that specializes in engineering computer designs by researching, developing, and testing different elements of computer systems. There are hardware and software computer engineers, so there is a lot of freedom within this field.

Computer Networking - Computer networking is the study of operating systems and how the structures of computer networks are maintained. When studying computer networking, students can get a job as a network analyst or even a computer support specialist.

Programming Languages - Programming languages is yet another facet of computer science where computer programming languages get developed, tested, and maintained. New programming languages can also be developed, but most students who study programming languages get a job in software development for another company.

Computer Graphics / Visualization - Computer graphics, or otherwise known as computer visualization, is perhaps one of the most creative aspects of computer science. Computer graphics can be used to create CGI movies and video games and is created by computer-generated graphics.

Computer Security (Cybersecurity) - Computer security (cybersecurity) is often an overlooked part when it comes to computer science. Security is very important, and people in this field design and secure information systems for companies. They know the common risks to computer security and know how deal with the related problems.

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