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Top 5 Most Popular Coding Languages Today!

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Written By: Urvi Bhuwania

Here are the top 5 most popular coding languages! There are hundreds of languages used in computer science today, so it can be hard to determine which one will be the most helpful in a future career. Keep in mind every popular language is not covered in this article.

1. Python: Python has become an increasingly popular language with its simple syntax, large collection of libraries, and highly productive integration with C & C++. It is used in many of the major fields on the frontiers of technology right now, like artificial intelligence, data science, and data analytics, along with financial services and web development. It cannot not be used in mobile app development.

2. Javascript: Javascript is also a widely-used language. With Node.js, it is useful in website and mobile application development, backend development, server-less computing, and gaming. Javascript is also capable in browser programming and has been modernized over the past few years. It should be noted, that since Javascript can be used to code potentially ill-intenting pop-up ads, its functionality may be disrupted on certain browsers.

3. Java: Java is good for large business applications due to its backward compatibility and adeptness with client server applications. It's also used in Android operating systems. It can run on almost any platform supporting it and through JVM (Java Virtual Machine), and is a "write once, run anywhere" language. It has however lost some popularity to Javascript and Python, and its development kits have recently become rather expensive.

4. C#: C# is a faster/more secure version of C, but it has a lot of similarities to Java, too. Along with Java, C++, Python, and more, it is a multi-paradigm language, meaning it can handle many different programming times like object oriented programming, logic programming, etc. It doesn't require a specific platform to run, so it is present in a variety of different places.

5. C: C is one of the first programming languages, and so a lot more modern languages like Python and PHP are based in C. Being easy to debug, test, and maintain, it is considered a pretty good language for beginners. Although it is platform-dependent, it is one of the few languages providing full control of hardware.

C++, Go, R, Swift, and PHP are not covered in this article, but are also pretty popular. As is clearly apparent by the various advantages and disadvantages of each language, it's really hard to single out the one best universal language. A lot of choosing what language to learn depends on what field you are interested in, and what specifically you are trying to accomplish.

Since there are various advantages/disadvantages to each language, it's hard to determine the best universal language. Choose a language depending on what field you are interested in and your goals.


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