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Top 5 Free Java Courses For Beginners!

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Written By: Trisha Konkimalla

Itching to learn Java but don't know where to start? Free online courses are a great way to dip your feet into a new language. Since these courses are beginner-friendly, almost anyone can try out these courses and learn Java. Here are the top 5 FREE Java courses for beginners!

Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners: With almost 769,217 students already enrolled and countless 5-star ratings, I have never seen a more popular free Java course than this one. The course is ideal for anyone starting to learn to program in Java. This course assumes no prior programming knowledge, just a desire to learn to program. You learn from scratch right from installing Java into your laptop. It also covers most of Java fundamentals such as data types, operators, and many essential classes of API. It also touches base on the Collection framework and some of the new features introduced in Java 8.

Here is the link for the Udemy course:

Codecademy: This Codecademy Java program is free and provides a comprehensive course. It is one of the most interactive websites to learn Java programming.

Here is the link for the Codecademy Course:

CodingBat: CodingBat is a great website as well as it provides many resources to practice java. You need to register before taking the courses; however, it is a great tool to help keep progress of your work! It also contains beginner level programming problems from useful topics like String, Array, Logic, and Recursion. I really like their questions from recursion, as it's one of the confusing concepts to master. They also have problems at different difficulty levels.

Here is the link for the CodingBat course:

TestAutomationUniversity: This is another great website to learn Java online for free. This website is for automation testers, as the name implies, but it also has a useful road to learning Java that is not only stimulating but also fulfilling.

Here is the link for TestAutomationUniversity course:

JetBrains Academy: JetBrains Academy provides interactive project-based learning combined and powerful development tools. You build projects like Coffee Machine, Tic-Tac-Toe, Simple ChatBot, and much more. They are not completely free but you can still learn a lot of things using their trial.

Here is the link for the JetBrains Academy course:

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