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Student Shares Her Experience as a Coding Intern at PilotCity!

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Written By: Mrinmayee Sama

Hi everyone, my name is Mrinmayee Sama and I am the Public Relations Manager here at lukupp. This article will cover what I did and what I learned during my coding internship at PilotCity last summer!

Let’s start off with what PilotCity is. PilotCity is a professional company that gives students the opportunity to work with other companies and make projects which benefit. When students make projects to solve problems for a company, they have a chance to receive an internship with the same company to pursue the project further if the company likes the project.

As a coding intern, I was building a platform for PilotCity itself which will benefit the students who want to explore new opportunities. Our platform was called the blog and it would serve as an area where students can talk about their accomplishments and everyone can see them and either reply and/or react to them. This feature is only available to people who register for a program at PilotCity. Basically, PilotCity is the connection between a student and a company to gain experience. We mainly used Java for our website and as it may be hard, it was easier with our team.

To walk through the 6-week experience, the first week was an introduction to the project week because we didn’t know what to do and therefore needed an overview. The second week was to gather our resources, learn the coding language, and work with our teammates while getting comfortable with them. The third week was a design week where we had to come up with a design of our website and plan it out on paper. The fourth week was to place all these designs onto Figma and show our managers. The fifth and sixth week were dedicated to coding the actual website and showing our managers while getting feedback. After the six weeks, we had an event where we can show our website to the parents, company heads, and many other people. Overall I would say that I had fun with my teammates while going through the process of making the website.

Personally, I felt the PilotCity is a great place to obtain resources, improve communication skills, and have fun while coding! I would definitely recommend checking out PilotCity if you’re interested.

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