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My Perspective as a Canadian High School Student Interested In CS/Engineering

Written By: Simardeep Dhanda

In a culture of constant innovation, engineers are at the forefront of developing the world around us. With this, curiosity sparked my young mind as I learned about the amazing innovations that engineers around the world have made, from advances in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering to breakthroughs in aerospace technology. Day by day, my fascination grew until I ultimately chose to pursue engineering as a possible career path.

Being a high school student interested in such a competitive field, it's imperative that over the course of my secondary education, I work hard to build a reputable resume for universities and colleges. Easier said than done; I’ve strived to compete and attend competitions to show my dedication and passion. In particular, I’ve attended math events such as the Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest and the University of Waterloo’s Pascal Contest. While challenging tests created to show critical thinking and perseverance, I achieved impressive numbers in both. These events did not only help my resume but instead gave me motivation and a drive to learn – there was still so much for me to know, to understand, to accomplish in the engineering world. Although high school is the ideal time to gain recognition from universities and advance your career prospects, you should also use the opportunities to cultivate an interest and deepen your passion.

Furthermore, engineering and computer science are vast fields with many possible career paths, but pursuing them all can be counterproductive. Being in high school gives me time to identify my area of interest and the one I want primarily to focus on. Narrowing my possible career options allows me to identify better opportunities for my preferred profession while keeping me focused. This is crucial in order to prevent overworking myself and to achieve a sustainable work-life balance.

All in all, my life as a student interested in CS/engineering in Canada is different from thousands of others across the world. However, despite our differences, we are all brought together by our passion for creating.

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