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How to Pursue Research in High School! Part 3!

Written By: Naomi Gong

5 CS/Engineering Research Opportunities for High School Students!

Participating in research is a great way to gain experience and develop knowledge in your field of interest. As Computer Science and Engineering becomes increasingly more accessible, more institutions have developed research opportunities where you can increase your knowledge in these fields.

1. Stanford Pre-collegiate University Level Math and Physics Courses

Students have the opportunity to learn from Stanford professors in the fields of math and physics. This course is self-paced.

2. Sandia National Laboratories

Students will work in a business or technical position, where they will get hands-on experience with working on a research project. They will be assigned to a mentor and team, where they will be able to obtain a social and academic experience in a research environment. These research opportunities include cyber security and software development.

3. SEAP: Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program

High School students will be able to participate in research at the Department of Navy (DoN). They will be able to develop projects and learn about the DoN technology efforts with experienced mentors. At the end of the program there will be a presentation, and their work in this program may lead to a potential employment later on.

4. Summer High School Intern Program Research

This program is divided into 6 sub categories under NIST, where they can research in Communication Technology, Engineering, Informational Technology, Physical Development and more! Students will develop various projects and learn from their coursework, so that they can expand their knowledge in their field of interest.

5. International Socioeconomics Laboratory Internship

The Socioeconomics Fellowship is a renowned 6-week program in association with Harvard University faculty for top students. The program entails an Empirical Socioeconomics (Econ 50) college course with a funded research fellowship for high school and undergraduate students interested in economics, social science, law, healthcare, or psychology. The course offered will be taught by professors and expert lecturers from various institutions around the world. Many nationwide and regional projects will be offered throughout the internship as well.

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