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What is Unity? Part 5!

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Written By: Saniya Kalamkar

Creating animations is an essential piece to your gameplay. Animating with Unity is a simple process that is easy to get the hang of. You can animate objects using a model and simple controllers.

Choosing Our Model

Before animating, we first need a model to actually animate. To begin with, we will use the Ethan model that comes automatically with Unity. The Ethan model is just a generic person, but will serve our purposes for now. We will go over how to get more interesting models later in the article. For now, just go to Standard Assets > Characters > Models and drag the Ethan model onto the Scene.

Animator Controller

Next, go to Create >Animator Controller. It should pop up in the Assets area. Name is whatever you want and drag it onto our Ethan model. The Animator Controller allows you to arrange and maintain multiple animations for a character.


For humanoid models, like Ethan, there is an Avatar available. Avatars allow Unity to find and arrange the bones in the model. You can just search for EthanAvatar and click Configure Avatar.


In Assets, search for HumanoidIdle and Humanoid Run There's also HumanoidJump, HumanoidWalk, and many others, depending on what you want your animation to do. Drag HuminiodIdle and HuminiodRun into the Animations tab. As HuminoidIdle is the first one to be selected, it is the default setting and is orange. If you wanted to switch the default setting to something else, you just right click on the box and click on Set Layer as Default State. If you press play, the model will be idle. To make the model run, you right click on HuminiodIdle and select Transition. Then click on HuminodRun and an arrow will appear. If you press play, the model will be idle and then run.

That's the end of the Unity mini-course! These are the basics to animating with Unity. To get more interesting models, check out Mixamo for free 3-D models and animations.

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