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New CS / Engineering Leadership Opportunities!

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Written By: Sejal Bilwar

Check out these 5 amazing non-profits that are looking for students like you to help them out! Of course, all these positions are computer science or engineering-related since they require skills in these subjects. Links to their websites and to apply are included. Enjoy!

Coding for Impact: Coding for Impact is a student-run organization that empowers nonprofits to create sustainable change with technological solutions. This is a great volunteering opportunity for students interested in working with some of the leading nonprofits across the globe and want their skills to be put to good use. There are 4 teams to join: Software, Strategy, Marketing, and Research. The link to apply is here:

The Purple Hydrangea Project: Join the tech development team at the Purple Hydrangea Project! The Purple Hydrangea Project is a student-run 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for mental health awareness in children and teens. The link to apply for the staff team is here:

Mission STEM 4 Girls: Mission STEM 4 Girls wants to empower girls from K-12th grade to pursue careers in STEAM. Get involved with this organization by starting a chapter in your community, joining the team, or being an ambassador for Mission STEM 4 Girls. The link to apply is here:

Science Speaks: Science Speaks is an organization where students can express their views about science, including computer science and engineering, by being a speaker, starting a chapter, or joining their community. The link to apply is here:

Coeducate: Coeducate is a platform used to help every student gain the opportunity to better themselves and embrace careers which involve computer science. Since so many children do not have access to the same resources as the privileged, Coeducate was created to change that via teaching and volunteering. Link to apply here:

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