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5 Engineering Programs to Participate In!

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Written By: Sejal Bilwar

There are many programs that can offer help in engineering topics. These programs include live instruction from experts in the field and are a great way to learn more. All of these opportunities are trusted and can help with the technical skills and aspects that can help in the future. Here are 5 programs to check out!

iD Tech: iD Tech offers courses in various engineering topics. Currently, there are online tutoring classes, both one-on-one and group sessions with college students. This is a great opportunity to learn coding virtually and you have an option to have group or one-on-one classes. Not only is it coding but there are various other engineering classes which provide tips.

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freeCodeCamp: freeCodeCamp offers free courses in coding, allows you to build projects, and earn certifications. When you finish learning the basics you can enroll here to go over those basics and build projects. The best part is getting a certificate so it acknowledges that you have completed the project.

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Girls Who Code: Girls Who Code is a free program that offers online courses, summer immersion programs, clubs, and even college programs. This program emphasizes on girls and their coding skills. It is also a great place to meet other fellow coders who are girls.

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John Hopkins Engineering Innovation: John Hopkins Engineering Innovation is an introductory engineering course for high school juniors and seniors is offered by Johns Hopkins University at several locations across the country. Most of these opportunities focus on coding but this focuses on engineering. It is a course offered by a college so this is very helpful.

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COSMOS: COSMOS - The University of California San Davis branch of the California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science (COSMOS) emphasizes technology and engineering in its summer course offerings for high school students. Because this is a science and mathematics focused department, it focuses on engineering. It is also from a college that gives summer courses so you can take your time with it.

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